IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME . . . a collection of Cole Porter

"He left everybody here and our listeners feeling just great!"
Jan Coleman, WGN Radio

Cole Porter could have written these title words for the star of this recording and show, because for vocalist Bradford Newquist, Porter's music really is all right with him. "The energy to sing Cole Porter comes from inside me . . . I don't have to look anywhere else," says Newquist. And, indeed, as he looks inside, Bradford is able to treat his audience to the freshness of his own arrangements while honoring the genius of Cole Porters' original musical designs.

Carefully avoiding the temptation to produce a Cole Porter documentary, Bradford has created IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME to be filled with music . . . some of America's best popular music, written by an American musical legend. This is a classic collection of Cole Porter, including not only many of his most familiar songs, but also some of those more obscure treasures from the prolific composer's songbook. Studded with standards like Night and Day and Let's Do It, this rich musical offering also features the delightful surprises of lesser known jewels like, Get Out of Town and Nobody's Chasing Me. This is a collection packed with songs that are stamped with that unmistakable wit and style that became the trademark of Cole Porter.

Bradford has already taken this show on the road. Recent performances include the Sunshine Dinner Playhouse, Rockford Park District's Music in the Park program, SummerWind in Norman, Oklahoma, attracting an audience of 5,000, and a concert in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. In Chicago, Bradford has performed in concert at Chicago Symphony Center's glamorous Grainger Ballroom, Toulouse on the Park, the Anderson Recital Hall at North Park College, for E & N Productions and at the Moulin Rouge in the Fairmont Hotel.

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Bradford's energy and musical gifts combine with an equally talented trio to make this collection a compelling interpretation of the Cole Porter repertoire:

Patrick Holland ~ piano
Christopher Ray ~ bass
Christopher Crisanti ~ drums, percussion